What is Lifetimesms.com

LifeTimesms is A Compny To Promote Business Through branded SMS and voip caller .

Why only Limited Payment Options?

Yes we are currently reviewing our payment methods. Currently we adopt Limited but fast payment gateway in our system. Our Payment Methods are safe and secure platform for both parties.

What is the difference between SMS from my mobile phone & LifeTimeSMS

LifeTimeSMS provides a platform for one to focus and streamline their tasks and provide better mobile campaigns or notices. We provide feedback and logging systems to allow you to track your past records and campaigns. There are also auto-responders and different modes of messaging to suit your various needs. Start a free account today!

I'm interested but where do I start?

Simple. Sign up and register for an account.You must have a valid mobile phone number.

Do I have to pay now to use? What are the setup costs and monthly charges?

No. Pay only when you think you are suited to use. We provide 5 free credits for any new account. After you have done your evaluation on the system, you can top-up your credits with us. We do not charge high setup costs like other providers, not to mention monthly charges. We are a believer of Pay-As-You-Use .

How long does my SMS credits last?

Your Credit expiry depends on purchased Package. We also have many Packages Having unlimited expiry

Do I require Internet connection?

Yes you do. If there is a long campaign you wish to send out or a long contact list, simply go through the process and send. Once the send job has been received on our system, it will be processed on our server connection from then own. This portion on will not require Internet connection.

I can't view the application properly. Is there something wrong with the system?

Try the following steps first to ensure best viewing. Update your browsers to the latest versions (we support Chrome v4 and above,Firefox v2 and above,Internet Explorer 7.0 and above). Best viewing display resolutions is from 1024*800 onwards. We constantly test our application with growing technology. If there any issues do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the Spam act?

LifeTimeSMS provides a tagger to your message. For more information on the Spam Control Act you can read it up on.About and Spam Act

How many credits does it take to send an SMS?

1 credit = 1 SMS(160 chars).

Do you provide support for sending SMS in other languages like in Traditional Chinese?

Yes we do support other languages.
However do note in an SMS different languages count it differently. Therefore like Traditional Chinese each Chinese character counts as 2chars. So an SMS with 70 Chinese characters constitute a 140char count which is 1 SMS .

Can I use this Lifetimesms when I'm overseas?

Yes of course!. All you need is a stable internet connection.

What is a SenderID

Sender ID appears in the "From" of the SMS message. You can define up to 11 alpha numeric characters like (LifeTimeSMS).

We have no time to manage the SMS campaigns ourselves, can you manage for us?

Yes, we can manage the campaigns for you. You can send us the mobiles and messages to broadcast and our managers will do it for a small charge.

How is LifeTimeSMS different from USB based devices which I plug into my computer?

LifeTimeSMS allows you to define your Sender ID and send SMS with a few times faster than USB based devices.. Everything is web!

Can I send out personalised SMS?

Yes you can! you use our services for personalised sms .

Can I send to an overseas number?

We currently support more than 216 countries   See Our Coverages

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